Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Money in Brazil is Real

Nice! You are going to Brazil to see the World Cup or the Olympics or maybe just for enjoying 6,000km of sunny wonderful coast?

In this case you have heard that money in Brazil is Real. Yeah... this is the name of the currency: Real. Its symbol is BRL, which means Brazilian Real.

In Brazilian Portuguese (yes: in Brazil we speak Portuguese, not Spanish!), the word real has two meanings:

* like real in English
* like royal in English

So, now you know that Brazilians, despite far from monarchy for almost 2 centuries now, they have a currency which is royal. Yes, royal !

I know, I know... English speakers make jokes with Brazilian money, which is real, not imaginary, isn't it? .... LOL ... not a problem... Brazilians are easy going and we love jokes, any kind of joke, lots of them, politically correct or not, racially correct of not, sexually correct or not, religiously correct or not... because this is how the world is: with all sorts of things which make this world. So, regardless of your political orientation, sexual orientation, your race or religion or anything it might be... it's time for a joke.

By the way, prepare your mood for Brazilians, in particular in Rio. Cariocas (plural of Carioca: people who have born in Rio) are known for their quick thinking when there's a situation which might lead to a joke. You may miss a joke, I may miss a joke, but Cariocas never miss one. So, do not be offended if you suddenly become victim of a joke... better learn quickly how to make others victims of your jokes too. :)

Living in England I know that many jokes are not acceptable here. To be more realistic, Brits make lots of jokes too, about everything ... but only in the privacy of their homes, where they are sure that they will not be prosecuted for being naughty with someone else's race, religion or sexual orientation.

Things are different in Brazil. Bullying is national culture, all over the place. Or still national culture, to be more realistic. Unfortunately, British mood and life style is slowly contaminating Brazilians. Unfortunately, bullying is becoming something not acceptable anymore. Maybe globalization is responsible for this. This is pretty sad and absolutely unacceptable!

You may find the previous paragraph nasty. But be sure, it's your fault and only your fault. This is your mindset, which is shamefully narrow and only tuned to your own culture for decades, not being able of seeing anything outside your small island. When you go to another country, you have to adapt yourself to the other culture's mindset. It's that simple! :)

Well, anyway... despite that humour in Brazil is not as good as it was one decade ago, it's still very far for Brazilians a day when only jokes about the weather would be socially acceptable.

Sorry ... I couldn't resist to this joke... LOL

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  1. Ha! Funny post. Some people would argue that unless money is made of gold, it really is imaginary!